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Elementor blocks Great time saver

Great time saver for your business or agency

These templates are created to give you a head start in your next WordPress website project built with Elementor.

Unlimited licence

Unlimited licence - use it on any number of projects

No limitations! Use the Katka Elementor Templates on any number of private or client projects.

Professional page templates

Beautiful Elementor Pro page templates will help you get started in a specific niche or to use them as a starting point.

Popup templates

Need some help with your websites popup design? We got you covered!

Section Block templates

240+ ready to style Elementor block templates to help you create a personalised wire-framing kit much faster.

135 Professional page templates

Katka page templates for Elementor Pro are easy to customize and will help you get started in a specific niche or just use them as a starting point to build your website from scratch.

114 Popup templates

Beautiful popup templates for your website to convert your visitors to website leads to webshop buyers.

Single template kits

Choose the template you like
$ 5
  • Unlimited personal and client use
  • Mobile optimized
  • Lifetime access

Katka Template Pack

$ 47
  • 135 professional page templates
  • 114 popup templates (normal + animated)
  • Unlimited personal and client use
  • Mobile optimized
  • Lifetime access
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Popup templates​

$ 27
  • 114 popup templates (normal + animated)
  • Unlimited personal and client use
  • Mobile optimized
  • Lifetime access
"The Katka Elementor layouts are the perfect starting point for any project. Both wireframing a prototype and building out a full design with minimal and precisely pre-designed Elementor rows and modules. It's genuinely given a boost to my productivity when working with Elementor. Super!"
Paul Lacey recommends Katka Pro
Paul Lacey
WP Blueprint Design
"I always advise people to build an Elementor library of page components they can use in every project. This template pack has done all the hard work for you! Such an amazing timesaver."
Dave Foy recommends Katka Pro
Dave Foy
Design Build Web

"This template pack has saved myself and my team so much time! The templates are well-designed, versatile, and in alignment with best practices for building on Elementor.

It used to take hours building out these sections on a client website from scratch, now it's exciting to start a new project knowing we can spend more time focusing on the design and on the client because the basic building blocks are instantly in place with these templates. So much time and headaches saved, thank you to Barna and the team at Katka Elementor Template pack for your incredible work!"

Mel Judson
Mel Judson Branding & Web Design
"We build a lot of prototypes to share with the team before we hit the publish button. Before the Katka Template pack, it took hours. Now we can prototype and design entire concepts in the browser and make decisions fast. This is gold."
Troy Dean recommends Katka Pro
Troy Dean
WP Elevation

The team

The Katka Template Pack started out as the first section block pack for Elementor in November 2017. Since than, it has grown to a great resource for Elementor builders with more blocks, complete page templates and popup modal templates too. In 2018 summer the team grown to two with a professional designer on board now. Amazing new page and popup modal templates have been added to the pack and with the new Katka Pro option we can work on creating an even bigger resource pack for all Elementor users.

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Istvan at Katka Elementor template pack