"This template pack has saved myself and my team so much time! The templates are well-designed, versatile, and in alignment with best practices for building on Elementor.

It used to take hours building out these sections on a client website from scratch, now it's exciting to start a new project knowing we can spend more time focusing on the design and on the client because the basic building blocks are instantly in place with these templates. So much time and headaches saved, thank you to Barna and the team at Katka Elementor Template pack for your incredible work!"

Mel Judson
Mel Judson Branding & Web Design
"I always advise people to build an Elementor library of page components they can use in every project. This template pack has done all the hard work for you! Such an amazing timesaver. Can't believe it's free!"
Dave Foy
Design Build Web
"We build a lot of prototypes to share with the team before we hit the publish button. Before the Katka Template pack, it took hours. Now we can prototype and design entire concepts in the browser and make decisions fast. This is gold."
Troy Dean
WP Elevation

Frequently asked questions

Can I Use It With Elementor Free Or Pro?

Yes, you can use Katka with Elementor free or Elementor Pro too. The only limitation is the widgets the sections use as some are only available in Elementor Pro (like the form widget) and they will leave an empty space there.

What are the licence limitations?

You have no limitations on how many personal or client websites you use this template pack on! The only limitation is that the templates are not for re-sale or re-distribution as your own creation (for example in a theme or a SaaS product)

Do I need any 3rd party plugins?

Not at all, we only use Elementor and Elementor Pro for all our templates, so you will not depend on any 3rd party software.

Can I re-use the images?

We use free images from sources like Pixabay and Unsplash which can be reused. Some stock images are used rarely, but these are alright for you to use in an end product.

What if I wish to give you more for the templates?

From time to time we get the request from happy customers that they wish to give us more than what the price is. If so, please send us a live chat message and will provide you with a direct PayPal link.

Will you keep the template pack updated?

Yes, we have a long list of template kits that will be added continuously. There is also a Trello board, where you can recommend or vote on topics we should create next HERE.

Do I need any extra support for Katka Pro?

The simple answer is no! As these are only template files, the only time you will need support is if you have not imported any template files yet ever. For this, we have a step-by-step guide as well ready. If you have any question, please get in touch via the live chat 🙂 

I have already purchased the Popups Pro package

In that case, please get in touch with us on the live chat and you will get a one-time coupon code to upgrade your purchase to Katka Pro

How can I import the templates?

We are using the standard Elementor template import options. Here is our tutorial to help you get started if needed.

Is Katka Pro a plugin?

No, the Katka Template Pack only contains Elementor template json files to keep any error out of the process. You will have to unzip the downloaded files and import as usual with the original Elementor importing method in a few easy steps.

Will I get access to new Templates?

Absolutely, as long as your email address is working that you used to purchase the Pro pack, you will receive an update notification.

Can I really use it on unlimited sites?

Yes 🙂

Do I need to keep the footer line to credit you?

Not at all, that is only there as a demo footer line. Everything is white-label, so you are free to edit as you like!

What will happen if I don't renew my subscription?

Nothing really, everything will work as usual. The only thing you will notice is that you will lose access to the new Katka Pro templates that will become available after your subscription renewal date.

Do you offer a refund?

Yes, but only in specific cases.Katka Pro is a digital/downloadable product.As they use Elementor(or Pro), we do not have any possible technical issues, since these are only template files.If you have any issues with the templates, please let us know and we will try to support you.

Do I need WooCommerce to be installed for the Woo templates?

Yes, without Elementor Pro and WooCommerce installed, these templates will result in an error message and not get imported.