How to create a testimonial slider with Elementor Pro


In this video, I will show you how to create a testimonial slider with Elementor Pro

Steps to follow in the video:
-First log into your WordPress admin area
-Hover over the Elementor menu and click on the My library option.
-Click on add new
-Give it a name like testimonials and click edit with elementor after selecting canvas page template

For the testimonial slider, we need to create the slides as sections first

Let’s start with the first one:
-Change the section’s content position to middle
-Add a testimonial widget to your column and edit it to your style

Don’t’ forget to add a background colour to your sections if you wish to make it pop out from the slides background. When finished with all the testimonials, we can save each section as one template in our library. After all has been saved we can go back to the elementor library and make a note of the shortcodes for our testimonials.

Open a page where you wish to add the slider and click on edit with Elementor.
-Next, add a new section with one column
-Set the Sections content position to middle and content width to full width
-Add a slides widget
-Insert the testimonials shortcode as content
-In the Style tab – position it to your requirements

When all done hit the save button and view the results. Remember that if you wish to edit this, all you need to do is edit the actual testimonial template for content and the slides for the surroundings.


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