HappyForms Form Builder review/guide and my opinion

In this video, I will show you how to use HappyForms, which is a new and free form builder with many amazing options.

First, let me show you how many options do we get while building any kind of forms. To install it, all you have to do is go to you WordPress admin panel and use the add new option in the plugins menu. Search for HappyForms, and activate it after installation.

From this point you will have a new menu option called HappyForms. When you hover over it, it will have 3 sub items:

  • All forms
  • Add new
  • and Responses

As the names suggest the first is for all your forms, the second to add a new form and the third is to see any of your saved responses.

As this is our first time using it, let’s start with the add new option. From the first moment you can see that this is not the regular form builder.

It has 3 columns to divide the screen with the different control options:

  • the first is where you control your fields, edit them and edit the form settings too later on
  • the second is where the different type of form fields are
  • and the third is the preview column

Let’s add a name to our form and see what options do we have:

  • Short text for names or short details
  • Long text for paragraphs
  • Email for email address with the advanced option to ask for a confirmation
  • Website link for any URL
  • Multiple option for checkboxes with vertical or horizontal alignment options
  • Single option for radio buttons with the same alignment option and with default selection
  • Table that is actually pretty great to build tables and you can let the visitor have multiple selection too
  • Dropdown is the regular dropdown field
  • Number with min and maximum values and the option to mask or style the input automatically
  • Phone is also maskable with a selection of countries for pre-set format
  • Date and time with the option to have a clean input field or pre-set to the current time.
  • Address with multiple option again. You can ask for geo-location or set the fields by full, full with autocomplete or only ask for country and city or country
  • Scale is a very cool field option, for example you can use this for asking for a feedback, but with range selection enabled it can be any kind of measuring option
  • Title if needed before the name.
  • Legal to add any kind of requirement that needs to be ticked beforehand, for example the GDPR requirements need a consent from the user to allow us to use the information.
  • Rating with star icons
  • and lastly the placeholder

Make sure to watch the video to see know all…

Link to the free HappyForms Form Builder website

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